Our employees have served the Intelligence Community for decades, giving us a deep understanding of the work environment and measurements of success.

Experience Excellence

What makes us different

Our comprehensive approach combines the strengths of Computer Network Defense Analysis (CNDA), Exploitation Analysis (EA), Digital Network Exploitation Analysis (DNEA), and Target Digital Network Analysis (TDNA). Kaizen Approach, Inc. employs skilled cybersecurity professionals who possess technical proficiencies in areas such as network analysis, protocol analysis, incident response, vulnerability and malware analysis, and scripting/programming. Additionally, the company leverages its deep understanding of adversary networks, network defenses, and cyber network operational capabilities to develop exploitation plans and make operational adjustments. This multidimensional expertise and strategic approach allow Kaizen Approach, Inc. to provide actionable intelligence, strengthen network defenses, detect and respond to cyber events, and ensure freedom of maneuver within the cyber domain for the Department of Defense.
experience excellence

Our Process

Kaizen Approach, Inc. takes a comprehensive and proactive approach to intelligence services for the Department of Defense (DoD). While companies offering services like Computer Network Defense Analysis (CNDA) focus on identifying vulnerabilities and responding to cyber events, Kaizen Approach, Inc. goes beyond developing mitigations to strengthen network defenses and protect against attacks. Additionally, their expertise in areas such as network analysis, incident response, and vulnerability and malware analysis sets them apart from other companies, allowing them to provide a broader range of services to enhance the DoD’s cybersecurity posture.

Computer/Network Defense - CNDA

  • Perform computer network incident detection and response activities to detect, correlate, identify and characterize anomalous activity that may be indicative of threats to the enterprise.
  • Monitor security tools and applications for possible malicious activities, investigate any associated alerts or indicators, and develop recommendations for a course of action, including mitigation strategies as necessary.

Computer Network Operations - EA

  • Defend the DoD information network, secure DoD data, and mitigate risks to DoD missions against some of the nation's toughest cyber threats
  • Provide actionable intelligence about bad actors and nominate targets to provide desired outcomes in cyberspace
  • Secure data, defend the network, and mitigate risks of the nation's most challenging cyber threats

Network Focused Exploitation - DNEA

  • Conduct target analysis and research
  • Perform exploitation and operations on target networks
  • Conduct analysis of metadata

Target Focused Exploitation - TDNA

  • Conduct target development efforts leveraging customer resources to develop analytical strategies to gain more target information.
  • Provide recommendations for target prioritization to achieve objectives for plans and operations.