Workforce Development

We support professional development through the creation of certification programs, assessments, quantitative and qualitative surveys, job blueprints, and other products.

Experience Excellence

What makes us different

Kaizen Approach offers a customer-centric and data-driven methodology for developing customized learning solutions. We carefully review the customer’s training requirements and conduct discovery meetings to understand what has brought the customer to the point where they are seeking IT-based learning solutions. By understanding the underlying requirements and customer goals, we can individualize the deliverables for greatest impact and determine the best metrics to measure success.

experience excellence

Collaboration drives innovation

Collaboration is integral to making effective learning and development tools for each customer, so we work closely with stakeholders and subject matter experts throughout the process, while educating the customer about all available options and adapting if changes arise. We will conduct research and use surveys, focus groups, job analysis methods, literature review, and subject matter expert workshops/activities as needed. We see ourselves as mentors and coaches, ready to listen and guide businesses of all sizes.

Tailored solutions for you

We conduct a variety of services for learning, development, and testing.

Comprehensive Training Services

Offering a wide range of educational programs and resources designed to enhance skills, knowledge, and performance in various fields or industries.


Classically trained academicians to expertly train your work force. Level up your staff with modern adult learning theory.

Course Design, Development, Delivery, and Maintenance

From design to delivery and maintenance, our team has you covered.

Training Needs Assessment

Determine if training is the issue of holding back your personnel. Is it knowledge, skills, abilities or some combination that your staff needs to reach new heights?

Training Gap Analysis

In some cases training is at the root of your personnel matters. We uncover the gaps between skills of today and requisite skills of tomorrow.

Kirkpatrick/Phillips Modeling

Modern application of classic evaluation. Be in-the-know on how effective your training program truly is.

Curriculum Reviews and Audits

Systematic evaluations of educational programs and courses to assess their alignment with educational goals, standards, and student needs.

Certification Services

Customized approaches with subject matter experts. Streamlined governance, development and maintenance, and meet accreditation requirements.

Leadership Development

Comprehensive framework for developing and nurturing leadership skills, encompassing strategies, resources, and best practices to cultivate effective leaders and drive organizational success.

Skill Development & Coaching Services

Guidance and support for individuals or groups, equipping them with the necessary tools, techniques, and feedback to enhance their skills, bridge gaps, and achieve professional growth.


Evaluate management skills, traits, strengths and weaknesses. Help future leaders gain self-awareness, develop and optimize their career advancement.

Competency Modeling

From recruitment to training to performance evaluation, we help define what performance success should look like: a roadmap of the behaviors required to be successful.

Evaluation and Survey Services

Modern psychometric theory coupled with rigorous data collection and analysis methodologies yield unparalleled insights and actionable findings.

Test Development and Validation

The quality, rigor, statistics, and insights you need.

Tailored Job Analyses

Navigate the terrain between essential tasks required to perform a job and the human competencies needed to perform them. Understand the nature of the job, understand who you need for the job.

Education and Training Services

Define, develop and implement custom training that is maximally flexible and responsive to your organizational requirements. A continuum of learning solutions rooted in modern adult learning theory.

Our I-O background shows we are dedicated to the use of data, analysis, and research to drive decisions, as well as applying psychological theories and principles to your organization.