Workforce Development

Our employees have served the Intelligence Community for decades, giving us a deep understanding of the work environment and measurements of success.

Experience Excellence

What makes us different

There are times when an organization recognizes that something is lacking in the achievements or progression of its personnel. It may be an easily discernible factor, such as industry standards or technological advancements that are underutilized, or certifications that are not being maintained. We can help with that. What makes us different, though, is how we can uncover the hidden factors that are getting in the way.

Our Process​

We start by truly listening to our customer’s challenges and requirements. Then we ask probing questions and conduct research, followed by surveys, focus groups, job analysis methods, literature review, and Subject Matter Expert workshops/activities as needed.  

Next, in collaboration with stakeholders, we can individualize the deliverables for the greatest impact and determine the best metrics to measure success. Our additional experience in the commercial sector allows us to leverage commercial technologies that make training more effective and efficient. 

Experience Excellence

Collaboration drives innovation

Collaboration is integral to making effective learning and development tools for each customer, so we work closely with stakeholders and subject matter experts throughout the process, while educating the customer about all available options and adapting if changes arise. We will conduct research and use surveys, focus groups, job analysis methods, literature review, and subject matter expert workshops/activities as needed. We see ourselves as mentors and coaches, ready to listen and guide businesses of all sizes. 

Tailored solutions for you

We conduct a variety of services for learning, development, and testing.

Tailored job analysis

Curriculum audits

Certification program design

Assessment design

Training needs assessments

Training gap analysis

Survey services

Kirkpatrick/Phillips modeling

Validation support through beta testing/pilots

Our I-O background shows we are dedicated to the use of data, analysis, and research to drive decisions, as well as applying psychological theories and principles to your organization.

experience excellence
Instructional Systems Design
What We Offer

Workforce Development

Our industrial-organizational psychologists perform: